Chalk is used in school classrooms and comes in slender sticks; the demand for chalk is high as it is used in schools for teaching, chalk is also used by carpenters, tailors, construction workers, furniture makers, surveyors etc. Starting school chalk production requires no technical expertise or special training; the equipment and raw materials you need to produce are affordable and readily available. So, if you are looking for a business with a sizeable market that you can start with little capital, then you should consider going into school chalk production.

The major equipment you need for school chalk production is Chalk Mould; others include Brushes or foam, Hand Gloves, Mixing Bowl or Bucket. A 240 holes/cavities rubber chalk mould with clamps costs N29,000 (twenty nine thousand naira).

Raw Materials
• Plaster of Paris (POP) – this is the major raw material required for the production of school chalk.
• Calcium Carbonate – this is used in chalk production as a filler; it also makes the chalk dustless.
• Water – water is used for mixing Plaster of Paris and Calcium Carbonate to produce chalk.

Packaging Materials
You will need branded cartons and nylon bags for packaging the chalk.
Start-Up Costs
Rubber Chalk Mould with clamps (240 holes) – N29,000
Brush – N150
Hand Gloves – N200
Mixing Bowl – N50
40kg bag of POP – N2150
25kg bag of Calcium Carbonate – N750

You don’t need much space to produce chalk; you can produce at the backyard of your house you only need a table to place your mould and you are done.

School chalk can be produced anywhere in Nigeria schools are springing up everywhere and the demand for school is on the increase. Your school chalk production business will do well if located in an area where there are many schools as well as individuals who use chalk frequently.
Our Rubber Chalk Mould is made from quality rubber and high grade raw materials. It is portable, durable and affordable; it has 240 holes/cavities and goes for N29,000 (together with the clamps).

What You Will Get When You Buy Your Rubber Chalk Mould from Us
1. A detailed Chalk Production Manual that contains step by step how to produce school chalk with formulation and measurements. Please don’t pay for training on how to produce chalk as you don’t need it.
2. Delivery anywhere in Nigeria (for buyers outside Lagos). If you are in Lagos, come to our office and pick up the mould.
3. Assistance in getting your branded cartons and nylon bags at affordable price.
4. Lifetime mentoring from us on School Chalk Production Business.